Technology Policy Commentary

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Policy Positions & Advocacy
Science & Technology Political Questions 2016
Requirements of Justice Arising from the Digital Divide
Global Digital Divide
Human Capital Development Computer in Education (Apple for Congressional Black Caucus 1993)Holistic Self Development of a Silicon Valley Geek
Revisiting CP Snow's "Two Cultures"The Two Cultures (Cognizant for PBS TechCon 2015)Silicon Valley Culture (Presentation to AGLSP)
Technology Ethics
Are Neutral Scientists Ethical?
Renewing the Ethics Imperative for Technologists
TechnologyLimits: Amplifier or Abrogator ?
Biomedical Ethics and Fair Global DistributionRational Debate on Therapeutic CloningEthics-Based Analysis of AI 2017 (with Gerald Harris)
Historical Foundations
Mesopotamian Science and Culture
Egyptian Enginnering and Culture
Socratic Logic as the Foundation for Science
Science and Classical PhilosophyReconciling Theocracy and ScienceScientific Genius ?
Structure of Scientific and Technological ChangeBritish Public Policy EthicsSilicon Valley Culture: Faustian Bargain or Forerunner?
STEM, Digital Diversity & Inclusion
Quantum Leap 1982
Quantum Leap speech to NTA 1985
Reality of Duality speech to NSBE 1990
From the Archives
Energy Alternatives: How Soon We Forget
1984: Manipulating Reality in the Information Age
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