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The Strategic Technology Institute (STI), is a boutique network of independent consultants focused on corporate strategies enabled by technology innovation and a non-partisan virtual ‘think tank’ that investigates the business and public policy issues raised by engineering innovation.  Research, advocacy, and client engagements have ranged from technology strategy, digital transformation, artificial intelligence opportunities and risks, GDPR information privacy, intellectual property rights management, digital media security, technical literacy, space industrialization, energy alternatives, social implications of new technologies, the history of science and technology, the digtal divide, organizational social distance, and engineering ethics frameworks.  Clients have included a Fortune 50 consumer products company, a Big 4 firm, and a major global motion picture studio and TV network, plus pro bono work for the non-profit sector.

STI was founded by Blake White in 1985, as an outlet for his independent consulting and academic research.  He also served both Silicon Valley and Hollywood communities over an extensive career, including as a Consulting Partner at Cognizant, Director of Digital Transformation at PwC, VP/GM at Ascent Media Consulting Services, Director of Product & Industry Marketing at SGI’s Silicon Studio, Director of Corporate Development at Apple, Product Management positions at HP, and VP of three Silicon Valley startups. He began his career in IT at Procter & Gamble. 

Blake is an international thought leader, author, industry speaker, trusted advisor, and engineering ethicist — having led projects and business development efforts in the US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea; plus speaking engagements for the National Technical Association (NTA), the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE), Broadcast South Africa, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Harvard Business School. 

Blake is the author of The Technology Assessment Process: A Strategic Framework for Managing Innovation, and articles in several industry publications including: SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, Broadcast Engineering magazine, MESA M&E Journal, Journal of Digital Media Management, as well as PwC and Cognizant company-sponsored white papers. He holds a BS in Engineering from North Carolina State University, MBA from Xavier University, and an MLA from Stanford University. 

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"Few people can combine domain expertise, relevant experience and the personality and drive to pull a successful team together as can Blake White. Driving revenue, building relationships, exploring new solutions, Blake moves through life with a passion for his work, leaving a trail of happy customers and colleagues. Clearly, one of my favorite former associates, Blake will always have my support and continued best wishes."

-- Former SVP of Industry-Leading Computer Company; now a Venture Capitalist

"I hired Blake to develop our new Consulting Practice several years ago I could not have found a more competent, professional and hard working individual. Blake has a deep and wide range of expertise in media technology, strategy, and business, and is uniquely able to couple all of these factors together to produce results. His media expertise transcends that of most, if not all, Consultants and M&E executives that I have met. He is capable of providing deep research and data, yet is also a visionary that can relate that data and research into a meaningful, and most important, executable plan for the future.

As an executive and manager, Blake is amongst the most highly respected that I've met. He is a charismatic leader that gets results, builds strong teams, and works extremely well with peers and executive management. Most importantly, Blake has an exceptional "client" presence, whether that client is internal or external. He can readily adjust to the requirements of the audience, including close interface with CEO and Board level.

Blake is an exceptional individual, executive and partner. I highly recommend him to all."

-- Former President of Global Systems Integration Firm

"I have worked with Blake for many years now in a couple of different organizations. Blake has real insight in the Media and Entertainment industry and never fails to bring new and important ideas to the table. I would not hesitate to recommend Blake to anyone again."

-- Managing Partner of Big 4 Firm

"Blake White was a colleague of mine in PricewaterhouseCoopers' Entertainment & Media Practice. Blake is a leading authority in digital rights and digital asset management, with a strong understanding of digital business models, technologies and the overall entertainment and media industry landscape. He was also a strong client relationship manager, as well as an outstanding colleague."

-- Former Marketing Director of Big 4 Firm

"In a brief period of time Blake has created a first class strategic technology consulting organization unique to the media and broadcast industry. Blake’s vision, commitment, and clear direction are extraordinary. Blake’s ability to correlate existing and burgeoning technologies and processes with the strategic goals and objectives of industries and corporations is remarkable.  I highly recommend Blake."

-- Principal Consultant of Global Consulting Firm

"You've done amazing work on this project and you were nothing but a total pleasure to work with.  Thank you for your smarts, generosity, patience, goodwill, good humor, and gentlemanliness.  I hope the next phase starts right up and we have you back.  With great appreciation and gratitude."

-- CEO of Partner Consulting Firm

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