STI's Client Services

Corporate and institutional strategies, often facilitated by global change and technology innovation at the intersection of the Media & Entertainment (M&E), Information Technology (IT) and Communications industries, creates new business opportunities for digital engagement and higher-quality metrics for media, telecommunications, computer, consumer electronics, retail, and services companies in adjacent markets.

STI Service Summary

STI’s services are especially significant when companies are:

  • Seeking a better understanding of emerging technology opportunities and threats to the existing business and processes

  • Transforming from traditional departmental to "content-centric" digital models of business,

  • Considering (or have done) M&A activity, either purchasing entities to be integrated or rationalizing a group of companies that need to be integrated, or

  • Evaluating adjacent markets but need additional technical depth and operational expertise to assess opportunities and plan for success in a business environment that has increased risks, and

  • Lack the staff and/or bandwidth to handle the tasks internally.

Strategy & Management Consulting
Digital Transformation, Security & IP Rights, and IT
Digital Media Supply / Distribution Chain
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